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SSC, GBS and CoE shared service centers are a significant group of employers in Poland. At Pro Progressio, we care about the image of centers and support the exchange of industry knowledge.

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What is SSC Lions?

SSC Lions is a special form of membership in the Pro Progressio Club, which can be used by SSC (Shared Service Center), GBC (Global Business Center) and CoE (Center of Excellence) operating centers. SSC Lions is a a community of organizations providing business services based on access to knowledge, exchange of experience as well as networking and support in communication.

Benefits of joining

Organizations using the SSC Lions package have an unlimited possibility to publish their own articles, blogs as well as recruitment ads on FOCUS ON Business ( websites. SSC Lions members have ongoing access to information and reports, and Pro Progressio Club also provides support in contacts with many national and international industry organizations.

What we offer

Pro Progressio, as part of the SSC Lions program, provides constant care over the implemented membership package, access to knowledge, support in networking and presence in the largest media of the BSS sector in Poland.

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